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Façade Structure Engineering

Using a steel structure to support a building façade provides the added strength needed to significantly extend the range of options available to the architect, or designer. Façades can be used to create an outer skin to the building which may be for purely aesthetic reasons, but increasingly can also provide additional functionality such as environmental controls, or even power generation.

The building façade solutions we engineer are not restricted to new builds. Adding a façade to an existing building can radically change its look and how it is used - thus significantly extending its life. This approach can represent a very cost effective solution when considering re-developing a commercial district, or shopping centre. When combined with the imaginative approaches AMP Consultants take to facade structure engineering, it makes the overall return on investment argument even more compelling.

The knowledge and experience that AMP Consultants have in building materials, building performance, structural engineering and systems means our façade solutions are fully optimised to get best possible balance between aesthetics, function and cost.

Our facade structure engineering delivers the structural support steelwork to ensure that even the most ambitious façade and window designs are safe and practical, without compromising the design intentions.

If you are currently seeking to appoint building civil engineers to support you in a new build, or a building facelift, or refurbishment, then please get in touch for an initial exploratory consultation - without charge, or obligation.

facade structure engineering example

Façade Structure Engineering - In Brief

  • Façades require added building strength to support them
  • Solutions can be added to existing aswell as new builds
  • New façades can extend the life of buildings
  • A façade rework can be a significant cost saving
  • Safety and practicality are always priorities
  • Façades can be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing:
    • power generation
    • environmental controls
  • Opitmal solutions balance:
    • aesthetics
    • function
    • cost