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Efficient Design

At AMP Consultants efficient design is something that permeates every aspect of our work. That means not just the designs themselves, but how the designs are made.

Once we have received the design brief, our engineers immediately will look at ways to achieve the desired end result in the most cost effective way possible. This involves identifying savings on materials of course, but it also involves saving on how materials are made, overall quantity, fixings and fastenings and costs associated with shipping and storage.

Labour costs are a very large component in any build and the design can make a huge difference to the on-site build cost. By using innovative approaches to the design to streamline the manufacture and assembly processes, we can drive down both the material and the manpower costs. Almost as a by-product, reduced manpower costs usually mean a quicker builder making it easier for construction firms to meet deadlines and therefore minimising disruption on the areas surrounding the build.

The leading-edge design software our engineers use provides assistance to derive the optimum design in the shortest time possible. Not only are we able to view designs in both 2D and 3D making it much easier to visualise the end result, but the software allows us to run multiple stress analyses on alternative configurations making it easier and quicker to derive the final optimum solution.

Being efficient also means being kind to the environment and in the construction industry this is very much about being as considerate to future generations as our own. In all designs we consider the lifetime cost of the building in environmental terms and ensure that the building can be dismantled in an environmentally friendly way and that, wherever possible, materials and structures can be re-used once the new structure becomes redundant.

If you would like to know more about our efficient design engineering, then please get in touch for a no obligation initial consultation.

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Efficient Design - In Brief

  • Efficient design built in to our processes
  • Cost effective:
    • materials
    • fixings
    • assembly
    • shipping & storage
  • Design for low/optimum cost construction
  • Powerful software emulation to explore multiple options
  • Environmental efficiency also important:
    • efficient use of material
    • re-useable solutions