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A brief overview of the services delivered by AMP Consultants


Design of Building Structures

AMP Consultants undertakes design of foundations for building structures, machinery, plant and retaining structures; and the provision of calculations, drawings and reinforcement specifications.

From the pre-design phase onwards, safety is a critical consideration and we ensure allowances are made right from the outset for safety in the build phase as well as the final construction.

Control measures are implemented early in the design process and considerations for safety in both construction and use are made with respect to the building process and the materials being used.

We begin with a conceptual and schematic design that outlines how the final design will be developed. This allows initial consultations with architectural and end user clients. We can also discuss materials at this stage with fabrication suppliers allowing us to fine tune the design in cost as well as functional terms.

The final design development stems from the conceptual and schematic design and details the full engineering specification for the build including design allowances for safe construction.

Built into the design will be measures to ensure safe use, including maintenance requirements. For example, access for service pipes, or electrical installations need to be accessible at minimal risk to service engineers.

The final design produced runs beyond the construction and end use and considers the full lifecycle of the building. This will include ultimately its demolition and dismantling and the disposal, or re-use, of the construction materials. For example, in the case of steel structures, it is possible for steel to be re-used, or redeployed, in a new development and in the design process we make every effort to ensure this will be possible in the future without compromising cost objectives.

The holistic approach that AMP Consultants takes to the design of building structures ensures an optimally functional end result that is both safe and environmentally friendly.


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Design of Building Structures - In Brief

  • all parts of the building structure covered
  • calculations, drawings, reinforcement
  • safety is always critical
  • stats with conceptual & schematic design
  • interactive consultation process
  • full engineering spec for full construction
  • maintenance provisions designed in
  • designed environmental considerations
  • full life cycle considered
  • material re-usability part of the spec