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Building Structural Modifications

AMP Consultants is not just involved with new builds, a substantial part of our work also involves work on existing building structural modifications. This may be for a change of use, or just an extension to an existing facility.

Not everything the client may want may be technically achievable, we therefore begin this work with a survey to ensure that the current structure is sound and is able to withstand the type of structural change being envisaged.

The result of this survey will generally result in one of three potential outcomes:

  1. the current structure is sound and an extension, or modification as envisaged is feasible
  2. the current structure can be modified to make it sound, or sound enough, to accommodate the envisaged changes
  3. the current structure is either not sound, or else not sound enough to be modified to enable the modification

As you might expect the most common outcome is the second one and it is usually the case that modifications are required to existing structures to allow them to be extended, or modified in any substantial way. In this scenario, we will look for the safest and most cost effective route forward to deliver as close to the original specification as possible.

With modifications, we work with our clients to achieve an optimal end result. In the case of outcome three, where the structure could not withstand a substantial change, then we will look at alternative approaches in and around the building space to achieve an end result that comes close to, or even improves on, the original idea. For example, the client may wish to add an extra floor to a building that would not withstand that change structurally and where it would be prohibitively expensive to upgrade it. In this case, another option of a side extension may be possible and we may be able to find a cost effective way to do this that the client had originally dismissed.

The important point to make about this type of work is the two way dialogue we undertake with our clients to find practical, cost effective, ways of achieving the desired functional end result - even if that end result may end up looking significantly different to how the client might have originally envisaged it.

In the first instance we will always try to achieve the initially envisaged end result in considering modifications. However, should that not be possible, the practical, client centred, approach we take ensures optimal building structural modifications to achieve the client's desired objectives.

building structural modifications in progress
building structural modifications completed