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Modular Offsite Construction

Modular off-site construction takes full advantage of steel structuring by pre-fabricating modular framework components at the factory to be simply assembled on site. This approach not only cuts down the overall workload on site, but substantially reduces total build time and associated cost. It is also a significantly more environmentally friendly approach.

AMP Consultants provide bespoke offsite solutions to suit the specific building requirements of the project in hand. This means that neither the architect, nor the end client is forced into using any sort of pre-defined modular system that may require compromises in either design, or end result.

Although every solution we provide is unique to the requirements of the client, we draw upon more than 20 years of experience in modular construction to develop designs which are both cost effective and robust while never compromising on aesthetics.

Our track record includes buildings in all of the sectors we work in: health, commercial, industrial, residential, retail and leisure.

In every case, the modular approach has resulted in significant savings in time and materials making it easier to deliver the completed building on time and on budget. In fact, a saving is often made on the original pre-design budget.

The additional benefit to our modular off-site approach is improved on-site safety. Often this can be an afterthought when making decisions about building projects when cost quality and delivery are the main drivers. However, beyond the moral impossibility of putting a value on human life, a safe building site is usually a happier and more productive one.

The modular approach is not suitable for every project, but in many ways it is the future of construction and we would therefore always recommend that this approach is at least considered at the outset of any building design project.

If you would like more information about modular offsite construction, or an initial consultation then please contact us.

modular offsite construction example

Modular Offsite Construction - In Brief

  • custom modular designs
  • minimal client/architectural compromises
  • cuts down on-site build time
  • reduces overall build costs
  • improves building site safety
  • environmentally friendly solution