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Regulation & Eurocode Design

The EN Eurocodes are a set of standards from the European Committee for Standardisation designed to establish a conformity of approach to construction throughout the European union. The intention runs beyond technical consistency and safety as they are also designed to make it easier for the construction trade to cross borders within the union to increase competition overall.

In March 2010, the standards superseded our own British standards of BS 5950 and BS 8110 and became mandatory for all European public works. The ultimate intention is to make all building work in the European Union conform and the indications are that the plan is working as the ability to work to the Eurocodes has now become an essential component of our work.

In all there are 10 standards (see below) that range from the "Basis of Structural Design" to "Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance" and while not every standard is used in every engineering design AMP Consultants undertakes, it is fair to say that, in one way or another, our engineering design work will usually reference at least one of the standards.

The ability to comply with standards such as the Eurocodes is very much about discipline and systemisation. It is about building processes within the business operations that ensures checks are made when they need to be made and that all design personnel are trained to know when to draw upon the standards. It is also about establishing an expert framework and ensuring that everyone works within that framework.

If you would like to know more about how we meet the requirements of the Eurocodes and their potential impact on your planned project, then please get in touch with us to find out more.

Additional Information

The following is a full list of all of the currently available Eurocodes

  • EN 1990: Basis of structural design
  • EN 1991: (Eurocode 1) Actions on structures
  • EN 1992: (Eurocode 2) Design of concrete structures
  • EN 1993: (Eurocode 3) Design of steel structures
  • EN 1994: (Eurocode 4) Design of composite steel and concrete structures
  • EN 1995: (Eurocode 5) Design of timber structures
  • EN 1996: (Eurocode 6) Design of masonry structures
  • EN 1997: (Eurocode 7) Geotechnical design
  • EN 1998: (Eurocode 8) Design of structures for earthquake resistance
  • EN 1999: (Eurocode 9) Design of aluminium structures


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Regulation & Eurocode Design - In Brief

  • Aimed at construction conformity within the EU
  • Now supersedes BS590 & BS8110
  • Now mandatory for all European public works
  • Core is discipline & systemisation
  • Work is within an expert framework
  • There to ground all engineering in best practice
  • Compliance is built into all AMP Consultants' work