Case Studies: Health Sector

Case studies and examples of our structural engineering services in the health sector

Steel Frame Construction: Littlewick Medical Centre

Littlewick Medical Centre

Building Design: Littlewick Medical Centre

Client: Derbyshire NHS

Architect: A & J Architects

Value: £3.65 million

Contractor: Admiral Construction Ltd.

This building was a 3-storey medical centre built on the site of the existing medical centre.

There was a requirement that the medical centre should remain open and fully operational throughout the construction period which meant that the development was phased.

A phased development presents special additional engineering challenges as both building integrity and user safety must be maintained even though, in the early phases, the building will not be complete.

The completed three storey building rests on a structural steel frame constructed over a basement car park. This structure incorporates metal decking with a cast in-situ concrete slab.

Externally, the building has a traditional cavity brickwork facade, with insulation and stainless steel ties.