Case Studies: Transport Sector

Case studies and examples of our structural engineering services in the Transport sector

Structural Steelwork Design: Monarch

Building Design: Birmingham Airport Aircraft Hangar

Client: Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd.

Architect: D5 Architects

Contractor: John Sisk & Son Ltd.

AMP Consultants were appointed to provide the structural steelwork design for a new aircraft maintenance facility for Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd.

The 10,200m2 facility has sufficient capacity for maintenance of two Boeing 787 Dreamliners, or other wide body aircraft, such as the Boeing 777, Boeing 747 and Airbus A350.

The hangar is supported by a number of component-repair and workshops, as well as logistic centre office accommodation.

The hangar provides two floors of office and workshop accommodation together with two structurally clear internal hangar spaces 66m wide x 79m deep x 24m high each.

The hangar's main engineering feature was the installation of the 'valley truss' beam, at 4.2m deep it was the largest structural component, spanning 66m and weighing a total of 80 tonnes.

For more information from the BBC, plus video see: Monarch Birmingham Airport Hangar