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BIM: Building Information Modelling

Using 3D modelling as a standard design component means AMP Consultants are on the leading edge of a radical new approach to building construction.

In fact, the UK construction industry is currently in the early stages of what is set to be a true revolution of the next few years.

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, is a new method to achieve a cooperative approach within the different disciplines of the design team.

There are two main drivers behind an initiative which is truly worldwide: standardisation and access.

'Standardisation' in the sense that everyone in the building industry will be codifying information in similar ways and 'access' in the sense that correct and sufficient information will be available about all aspects of the building during the design, the construction process, the useful life of the building and its ultimate dismantling.

It begins at the concept stage where all designs will be required to step out from the printed page to become 3D models. This type of modelling not only allows detailed stress analyses to be undertaken, but also aids the design process as the building design can be more easily understood by non-technical viewers - typically the end customer.

Beyond design, BIM can also take in scheduling information, cost constraints and ultimately maintenance and lifecycle information for all parts of the completed building. This means that the end user 'customer' will be left with a very rich picture about the building through an information store which is accessible on-line and available to people like maintenance personnel, through a variety of mobile devices.

BIM will be mandatory on all UK public sector contracts by 2016. Conceptually BIM is so all encompassing that for the construction industry as a whole to meet the full requirements in that time frame will be very challenging. However, AMP Consultants is already BIM capable and 3D based conceptual designs for our business are already a 'standard' design methodology.

As early adopters of this approach it means that AMP Consultants already has extensive experience with BIM. Experience which will make it much easier for us to accommodate new requirements, in the public sector building market especially, in the coming years.

The requirements of BIM are demanding, but like all forms of standardisation, an investment at the beginning ultimately pays off in time. At AMP Consultants we can clearly see the benefits of the BIM initiative and our own clients have already reaped the rewards through improved design, shorter build times and ultimately reduced costs.

If you would like to know more about BIM, AMP Consultants' capabilities, or what benefits BIM could bring to your building project, then please get in touch.

BIM Framework Model
BIM Walk through render

BIM - In Brief

  • Standardisation of construction information
  • Worldwide initiative
  • Mandatory for all UK public works by 2016
  • 3D Modelling is the front End
  • 3D Modelling is now standard for AMP Consultants
  • AMP Consultants prepared for next stage of development